Home Inspection Checklist

Guest post by Tate Coulter, Owner of A Firm Foundation Home & Building Inspection based out of Montrose, CO

If you are buying a home, getting an inspection is an important step as part of your due diligence. A certified home inspector will give you an objective opinion of the condition of your soon-to-be investment.

Many first-time home buyers do not fully comprehend what is involved in a home inspection. Here, we will go over the entire process starting with a handy home inspection checklist.



  •         Roof coverings
  •         Gutters
  •         Downspouts
  •         Flashing and trim
  •         Any signs of leaks
  •         Roof condition
  •         Structure
  •         Insulation


  •         Type
  •         Any visible cracks
  •         Trees near the foundation
  •         Crawlspace
  •         Basement
  •         Floor structure


  •         Drainage
  •         Any soggy areas
  •         Walkways
  •         Driveways
  •         Siding and Trim
  •         Eaves
  •         Soffits
  •         Fascia


Built-in Appliances:

  •         Refrigerator
  •         Dishwasher
  •         Oven
  •         Washer
  •         Dryer

Structural Elements:

  •         Doors
  •         Windows
  •         Flooring


  •         HVAC
  •         Other heating/cooling systems


  •         Switches
  •         Outlets
  •         Ceiling fans
  •         Electrical panel
  •         Service drop
  •         Mast
  •         Meter & base
  •         Grounding


  •         Any unusual noises
  •         Water pressure/temperature
  •         Sinks
  •         Tubs
  •         Faucets
  •         Shut-off valves


  •         Slab
  •         Walls
  •         Ceiling
  •         Vents
  •         Garage Door
  •         Lights
  •         Openers
  •         Windows
  •         Roof

Depending on the type of home you’re in and where you live, your inspection may differ from the generic checklist above. You may also choose to opt for additional services like mold, sewer/septic scope, and radon testing.

Why do I need to hire a home inspector?

After you are under contract at your potential new house, you’ll want to hire a professional inspector to perform a thorough inspection as part of your due diligence. Often, your real estate agent will recommend a home inspector to you, but you are free to find one yourself.

A home inspector is hired to do a total overview of a house. Home inspections are done to validate the condition of a home and bring to light any potential issues prior to purchase. It’s important to hire a certified home inspector because the real condition of a home is not always apparent to the untrained eye. Even if a home looks like it is in perfect condition, there very well could be some serious structural issues.

Because buying a home is probably the biggest investment that you will make, getting a home inspection gives you the chance to avoid problems down the road. Buying a home is stressful enough, you don’t want to have to worry about problems with the house you were unaware of. Getting a home inspection will ease your mind knowing that you’re making a good investment.